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The Mullein Plant has been around for donkey years and has been used through the years in various parts of the world for its numerous health benefits. Interestingly, the name Mullein is a derivation of the Latin word 'Mollis' which means soft and alludes to the texture of the Mullein leaves. Scientifically, the Mullein plant is known by various names, however, the great mullein or the common mullein is known as "Verbascum thapsus".

The Origin of the Mullein leaf can be traced back to even before the 1700s and this plant is native to Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, and Asia. Mullein leaves are harvested throughout the spring and summer and some people prefer to harvest the leaves before the stalk starts to shoot up.

The Mullein Plant has many health benefits however the most widely known benefit of the Mullein Leaf is the soothing and relaxing effect that this plant has on the respiratory system. Shop our Range of Mullein Leaf Products Here.
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