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Our Guiding Principles Make Us Stand Out


Made from the highest quality organic certified, non-gmo herbs, every single batch of ingredient is tested to the highest standards by 3rd party certifiers. We never compromise our standards. We only use the best!

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We believe in the environment and support organic, regenerative farming. We embrace fair trade practices and are green. We use biodegradable packaging where available. We respect mother earth!

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We believe in Business for Social Good. We give 10% of profits to support the education of girls in Africa. We support female farmers and provide opportunities for mothers in non traditional roles. We do right by others!

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Guava Leaf Extract & Tea - Herbal Goodness
Mango Leaf Extract Herbal Goodness

We Know Our Farmers & Their Communities

Our fairtrade practices and education assistance programs supports children of our farmers.

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Super Green Tea Powder.

Guava flavored smoothie powder to support Energy, Immunity, Brain Health & Digestion. Healthy & complete nutrition for the family!
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Kids MultiVitamins

Support your child's health with herbal supplements that are safe, effective and great tasting.

Food As Medicine, Not Medicine As Food

Therapeutic herbal remedies from around the world with wisdom from the centuries should be mainstream and readily available.

From Our Customers


I use Moringa Leaf extract and tea to help me focus and boost my energy, as a frequently tired new mom of 2 young kids. I have noticed such an improvement.  Absolutely love this company and their products!!!

Lulbora Fejza
Food Explorer & Influencer - Denton, TX

Herbal Goodness products have been a life saver! They deliver the highest quality and work to make this world better. I recommend them to everyone. Thank you guys!"

Jazmin Bencomo
Adventurer & Food Lover - Westminster, CO

Since I brought the products into my store over 10 years ago, it that has helped so many of my customers!! Thanks for such a great product!

Owner @Mikes Health Collection - McKinney, TX

I am truly thankful to have discovered Herbal Goodness products. From the teas to extracts and powders these products are amazing and my body loves them. We need more companies like you. Keep being awesome!

Khadijah Rbz
Well-BEing advocate & Coach - Tulsa, OK

I have used Herbal Goodness products for several years and I will never stop! I prioritize pure, high-quality, and organic ingredients and they always deliver. Thank you to an amazing company.

Lily Ross
Healthy Recipe Expert - Fenton, MI