Rosemary Essential Oil - Natural - 15ml - Skincare, Body Massage, Hair Support - Herbal Goodness

Rosemary Essential Oil - Natural - 15ml - Skincare, Body Massage, Hair Support - Herbal Goodness Body Care Herbal Goodness

Rosemary Essential Oil - Natural - 15ml - Skincare, Body Massage, Hair Support - Herbal Goodness

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Did you know that the word Rosemary is gotten from the latin words “Dew” (ros) and “Sea” (marinus)? Rosemary is a popular member of the mint family, native to the Mediterranean regions near modern Greece. It can grow and bloom with just the sea mist and ambient humidity in its native range. Rosemary is a very chemically complex plant and one that is loaded with antioxidants. Rosemary also encourages healthy digestion and supports liver health. Because of its antioxidant properties, Rosemary is great for supporting a healthy lifestyle. Rosemary oil is an essential oil extracted from the rosemary plant. It’s distilled with steam extraction methods out of the plant's flowers. It’s been harvested and used for thousands of years for supporting health and wellness as well as health benefits such as memory support and hair growth support.

This Oil is shipped in high-quality glass infused with a UV-colored coating to protect essential oils against sunlight and degradation.

Health Benefits

Skin Appearance - Rosemary oil is a natural astringent, which means it helps shrink pores to tighten the appearance of skin. This is great for people with naturally oily skin, as incorporating ingredients like rosemary oil into as many of your skincare products as possible means you support your skin for better appearance and outlook.

Supple Skin - Rosemary oil is a natural antioxidant, meaning it protects skin against harmful elements in the environment called free radicals that hurt skin cells. This helps the skin stay supple and radiant even through harsh and unfriendly environmental conditions.

Calm Support - Maintaining a balanced and centred mind is important for making the most out of each day. Rosemary's scent is green and fresh without being overpowering, inhaling the aroma of rosemary essential oil can support calm and manage the release hormone cortisol. Support calm and relaxation instantly using an essential oil diffuser or even by inhaling over an open bottle.

Hair Growth - Rosemary essential oil works by stimulating scalp circulation and can be used to grow longer, healthier hair. Rosemary oil can also be used as part of a healthy hair routine to support hair sheen, texture, and shine. Rosemary oil is a great add-on for overall hair health and beauty.

Aromatherapy - Rosemary helps to assist in mindfulness, meditation, and calmness for a more serene state of mind. Adding Rosemary essential oil to your diffuser during meditation sessions, massages or quiet time can help support relaxation.

Quality tested - We take great pride that our product is manufactured and packaged in the United States. Tested by 3rd Party Certifiers and declared safe from microbial contamination and heavy metals

Why we are unique

We are 100% women-owned and operated;

We give 10% of profits to educate girls in Africa;

We support our organic farmers and their communities through fair trade;

We care deeply about our environment; and

We are Super Fruit and Super Herb experts because that's all we focus on.


Rosemary Essential Oil - Organically sourced.

Usage  & Disclaimer 

Usage - For external use only. Recommended Rosemary Essential Oil safety is to dilute with a carrier oil before applying to your skin to minimize adverse reactions. We recommend that you patch-test the oils for topical use. If irritation appears, discontinue use of product.

Disclaimer: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Any health claims provided through customer reviews are not solicited by Herbal Goodness or evaluated by the FDA.