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Papaya Leaves (Dried Bulk Herb) - 4oz Pouch - Digestive Enzyme, Natural Platelet Boost -Unit
Papaya Leaves - Organic - Bulk Herbs 4oz - Platelets, Digestion & Immunity - Herbal Goodness

Papaya Leaves - Organic - Bulk Herbs 4oz - Platelets, Digestion & Immunity - Herbal Goodness

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What makes papaya leaf so special?

Papaya, native to the tropics of South America, has been cultivated for centuries for its holistic properties and health benefits.

Papaya Leaf Tea (Pawpaw Twig) from Herbal Goodness contains premium caffeine-free, 100% USDA organic papaya leaf herbs packaged to maintain freshness and great taste.

Made in the US from non-GMO papaya, this tea helps support blood platelet function, and is loaded with antioxidants to maintain healthy immunity, support digestion, and boost energy and vitality. Every batch of ingredients used in this product is tested for heavy metals and microbes by an independent lab. Where and how your products are manufactured is important.

Our Herbal Goodness Papaya leaf tea is manufactured in a KSA (Kosher), USDA certified organic and FDA approved facility We take great pride that our product is manufactured and packaged in the United States. This ensures that you are receiving a healthy, premium product when you choose the Herbal Goodness brand. Go ahead and Buy with confidence.


Health Benefits

NATURALLY BOOSTS BLOOD PLATELETS - Papaya leaves are high on the list of herbs that may increase blood platelets. Papaya leaf also contains the enzyme Fibrin which acts naturally to provide blood platelet support by helping to improve white blood cell function. Compared to Papaya enzymes chewables our papaya leaves are all-natural with complete phytonutrients that work synergistically and not just papain chemical made synthetically in a lab.

AIDS DIGESTION - A caffeine free tea that is packed with the digestive enzymes papain that aid digestion and help restore the intestinal flora. Steep this tea to obtain wholesome papaya leaf tea extract that is high in fiber and provides an energy boost.

CELL REGENERATION - Herbal papaya leaves aid in cell regeneration and with free radical suppression, which helps promote healthy, glowing ageless skin.

QUALITY TESTED - We take great pride that our product is manufactured and packaged in the United States. Every batch of our products are safe from microbial contamination and heavy metals.

    Why we are unique

    We are 100% women-owned and operated;

    We give 10% of profits to educating girls in Africa;

    We support our farmers and their communities through fair trade;

    We care deeply about our environment; and

    We are Super Food and Super Herb experts because that's all we focus on.

    Ingredients & Supplements Facts

    INGREDIENTS: 100% Organic Papaya Leaves (Dried & Sifted) | Serving Size: 1/4 tsp (1/18g) | Servings Per Container : 95

    Usage & Disclaimer 

    Get the most out of every cup!

    For maximum benefit, Herbal Goodness loose leaves must be properly prepared to get the greatest amount of beneficial extracts! It is best to use flash boiled water poured into the teapot, as if to rinse, and quickly pour it out.

    Brewing instructions:

    - Pour 16oz of hot water into the rinsed and heated teapot over two teaspoons of dry loose leaves and cover with the lid.

    - Let it sit for about 8 minutes.

    - The leaves can be consumed with the drink if preferred, or strained if not required.

    - Sweeten with sugar, sweetener or honey if desired.

    - For iced tea, allow to cool, put into glass container and place in fridge until needed. Drink within 3 days.

    That's it! You are ready to serve your traditional, properly made, absolutely delicious Herbal Goodness tea, so sit back and enjoy! Drink 2 to 3 cups daily.

    Herbal Goodness Papaya leaf products are all-natural and organic, made from real, sustainably grown organic papaya leaves. Containing zero additives and sweeteners, products containing our papaya leaf either in extracts, teas, or bulk herbs tend to be BITTER to taste. The use of safe and healthy sweetening alternatives is advised.

    Disclaimer: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    Any health claims provided through customer reviews are not solicited by Herbal Goodness or evaluated by the FDA.

    NOTE: Papaya leaf contains latex, which contains the enzyme papain which aids in digestion and breakdown of foods in the body. Latex quantity varies and is higher in unripe Papaya fruit. Taking products containing papaya and papaya leaf products may lead to exposure to latex. Latex isn’t harmful in trace amounts but people with latex allergy should not take products containing papaya leaf or its extracts



    How to strengthen your immune system?

    Get enough sleep.Sleep and immunity are closely tied. Eat more whole plant foods, eat more healthy fats, eat more fermented foods or take a probiotic supplement. Limit added sugars, engage in moderate exercise, stay hydrated, manage your stress levels, and buy herbal goodness immune boosting supplements.

    How to get caffeine out of your system?

    Wait it out, stay hydrated, get moving, practice deep breathing, eat fiber-rich food, take L-theanine. Choose decaffeinated alternatives such as Organic Herbal Teas.